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Threading will give you a general brow shape in a short time, while tweezing will give you a more defined shape. There are certain parts of the brows whereby the thread cannot reach, so a tweezer will do a better job in creating a more defined shape instead. One or two hair can make a difference to your brow shape, that is how precise we are about eyebrows.

What is Brow Enliven (BE)?
It is the solution that you have been waiting for to have natural and fuller brows. It is an advanced technique of embroidery that has 7D design to give back the life of your brows.


What is the difference of our technique compared to other brow salon?

Our technique of Brow Enliven uses finer and very natural strokes. It won’t leave a base color as time passes by. It will just fade off gradually. Once it fades, if you want to maintain the effect, our specialist will re-design the shape of your brows based on what is suitable onto your face features. This is Brow Enliven 7D 1 and 7D 2 version which is denser and more pronounced.


What colour and tool do you use for BE?
We use premium organic/vegetable dyes that are safe for your skin. We use a pen like design tool with 3 types of multi pin that create different thickness of brow hair strands. To achieve very natural brows, our specialist will recommend the right pin to be used on your brows.


Is it painful?
We are highly concerned about your comfort level during the treatment. That is why we researched the best numbing cream in the market. Most of our customers feedback is not painful.


How long would it last?
The lasting effect would be based on individual skin type, life style and colour that you choose during the treatment. Ideally, it will last from a year to 1.5 years.

How long will the lashes last?
Without t/up — 3-4 weeks
With t/up within 2 weeks — 4-6 weeks
* subjected to personal care.


Will my own lashes drop?
No, under normal circumstances.

However, do not pull your own lashes to avoid damaging your lash bed.


Will there be any pain?
No, the glue that we use is specially made for eyelash.


How are the lashes attached?
They are attached on your own lashes and not directly on your skin.

It is an alternative to hair removal creams or gels and shaving. You can wax your legs, arm, underarm, upper lip, chin, eyebrow, bikini or have a Brazilian wax


If steroids, accutane or any other anti-acne drugs are using, please consult your doctor before wax, as it may cause the skin become thinner, which may lead to the removal of skin during waxing. If you are using Retin A, we would suggest you not to wax the area. Do not swim, suntan or work out right after waxing as it may cause skin breakout, do not take hot showers saunas or stream bath for one day.


Ingrown hairs are hairs that have curled around and grown back into your skin instead of rising up from it. It happens when the hair is not completely removed during waxing, or when the hair is badly removed by shaving. The situation varies from individual to individual with pimples or pustules occur on the skin. Our recommendation is to apply the after wax lotion to smooth the area treated.


The traditional Brazilian bikini wax leaves a vertical strip in the front, hair is not removed from labia area. A full Brazilian is a complete removal of hair around your private part.


No, the new hair is softer, thinner and weaker over time. Then more often you wax, the better effect it would be, and it is highly recommend that do not shave in between waxing.


Shaving stimulates potential hair growth and strengthen the hair follicle. On top of that, improper shaving will cause ingrown hair and red bumps, severe case may even cause inflammation under the skin.


No, this service is also available for men who would like to remove hair on their backs, neckline, eyebrows, chin. We have served many male customer too.


While the benefits of waxing are without question, some women still see the treatments as too painful to endure. The problem no longer exists, with WaxXXX range of product, you can now experience a relatively pain free method of waxing.


The hair is removed from the roots, so the new hair grow slower than using cream or shaving. The new hair is smoother and finer, not like the stubby hair after shave.


Scrub the treatment area 3 times per week after 1 week. Apply anti-ingrown hair lotion on affected areas if you encounter ingrown hair problem. Apply hair retard mousse before bed time to slow down the hair growth and prevent dry & itchy skin. Apply UV white everyday on the area to repair & stop skin discoloration.