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What is “Brow Enliven” eyebrow embroidery

Brow Enliven is a long lasting eyebrow embroidery / brow treatment that produces more natural, more finely detailed eyebrows than other brow treatments.


Does it hurt

Based on majority of customer’s feedback, Brow Enliven’s eyebrow embroidery is no more painful than tweezing, 80% of the customer’s feedback stated that they did not feel anything at all during the process. In addition, for sensitive customer, a mild anaesthetic cream can be applied to minimize any discomfort.


How long will it last

Each customer’s choice of color, shape, experience and after care varies, thus the Brow Enliven is able to last 6 to 9 months for the first session, with a touch up within 6 months from first session, it can be extended to 1.5 year to 2 years depends on individual’s skin condition.


Are there any risks or side effects

– Medical Condition

Customer with diabetes, heart disease or pregnancy, please approach us for advise before treatment

– Allergies

The dyes used are strictly organic dyes without any artificial chemical additions and the tools are one time basis. However, if you are allergic to dyes or any dye substances, please inform us before the treatment

– After treatment

Redness or tenderness may appear at treatment area, apply the aftercare product and it will disappear gradually within 10 days depends on individual’s skin condition


Why do I need to return for a touch up

Touch up is a necessary session for enhancement, adjustment of the shape, color and strokes of the eyebrow, it will also extend the life span of Brow Enliven to 1.5 year to 2 years depends on individual’s skin condition