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Dedication to Perfection

Since our inception in 2012, our mission has been clear - to set a new standard in the beauty industry by crafting brow works of unparalleled design and quality.

From the very start, we aimed to not only meet but exceed the highest expectations, and the word quickly spread about the exceptional services delivered by our talented artists. Through the organic channels of word of mouth and social media, HighBrow became synonymous with excellence in beauty care.

Meet Andy

With over two decades of experience in Semi-Permanent Make Up, Andy Zhao has honed his craft to perfection, rescuing numerous botched eyebrows from unlicensed brow salons along the way. His journey to mastery includes gaining unique insights into Korean eyebrows during his time in South Korea with a renowned plastic surgeon, as well as delving into mainstream eyebrow design during his tenure in Taiwan.


Andy's dedication to his craft led him to study hairdressing and makeup artistry, allowing him to craft bespoke eyebrow designs tailored to each client's unique features. Formerly a professional eyebrow specialist at a plastic surgery hospital, Andy is adept in Feng Shui eyebrow design, emphasizing the importance of balance and harmony in his work.


It's Andy's attention to detail that truly sets him apart, as he employs ultra-detailed strokes to create a symphony of lines that not only replicate the natural flow of eyebrows but also infuse them with sophistication and individuality, ensuring each masterpiece reflects his unwavering commitment to excellence.


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