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11 Best Eyebrow Embroidery Salons In Singapore For Brows On Fleek With No Makeup

Credits to GirlStyle Singapore

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Times have changed; Thin, over-plucked brows with high arches are out, and full brows with a slight natural curve are in - that's the hottest eyebrow embroidery trend in Singapore these days. More than ever, ladies in Singapore are heading to eyebrow embroidery salons to get their brows on fleek - cutting out the daily hassle of having to pencil or powder them as they last for more than a year. Check out these best eyebrow embroidery services in Singapore - including fully-fledged studios and affordable home-based options - for quality semi-permanent eyebrows that will frame your features and enhance your natural beauty. Read on for the best eyebrow embroidery places in Singapore!

Highbrow - Natural Brow & Misty Brow Embroidery

There’s no need to worry about walking out from Highbrow with overly thick, “Crayon Shinchan” eyebrows, as their Natural Brow embroidery is designed to mimic real brow strands as closely as possible. This will follow the natural growth direction of your own brows, making for a fine and delicate look.

Those who prefer a more defined look and often go for heavier makeup are recommended to opt for the Misty Brow embroidery instead, where the false brow strands will be drawn in a denser manner. Can’t decide between the two? Go for Combination Brows, a blend of the two different techniques to create a fuller look suitable with or without makeup. Prices start from $688 for sessions done by a brow specialist, and $1388 by a Creative Director, with a complimentary consultation and touch-up included for both. You are advised to attend your free touch-up session between 1 to 3 months of your initial appointment, after which the finished product will last for around 1.5 years.

They currently have 3 outlets at Star Vista, Capitol Singapore, and [Closed] Parkway Parade, so you can pick the one that’s most convenient based on where you work or live. 

Price: From $688

Address: Capitol Singapore, Orchard Gateway, The Star Vista



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