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1 Vista Exchange Green

#B1- 25 The Star Vista

Singapore 138617

Tel: 6694 2777

I am no makeup guru and neither am I good with makeup stuffs. I am a very late bloomer when it comes to makeup and as much as I love having my eyebrow and eyeliner done, I can’t draw them for nuts! Especially when I’m rushing for time, it is almost impossible for an amateur like me to get a proper eye makeup done. This has been bugging me for the longest time since I understand the importance of eye makeup and how the eyebrow frames up the face and brightens the eyes… till I met HighBrow! They taught and show me how they are different from the usual eyebrow embroidery / eyebrow tattoo. 

This is the usual everyday ME, with light makeup; foundation, blusher and lip balm. Unless I have wedding dinners, big events or fashion shows, I will then try and attempt to draw the eyebrow and put on my eye shadows. I am so excited to show you my transformed face! NO surgery nor injection needed and ZERO pain! You are sooooo gona thank me for this!

I was introduced to Andy, the creative director of HighBrow, and he started sharing more about the Brow Enliven procedure. Having more than 20 years of experience, Andy has seen far too many eyebrow embroidery / embroidery tattoo jobs gone wrong! This is why he developed and started Brow Enliven! Andy is so detailed that the consultation takes longer than the actual procedure. I am saying this in all appreciation for his explanation was so comprehensive, he gave me a lot of confidence and trust. 

Consultation (understanding of Brow Enliven, knowing your style and personality, your ideal brow shape, drawing the mock up ideal brow:

About 45 mins to an hour for it is my first time and I totally appreciate Andy taking the time in explaining everything in detailed. Having a detailed consultation is very important for he is also taking time in understanding my dressing style, face shape, hair colour etc. I find it puzzled too why would my hair colour or dressing style be a factor. He said our facial feature is delicate and we not only have to match it with hair type, skin type, and face shape but also personality and occupation! After all, a good design can help flatter your eyes and facial features making your first impression last!

My eyebrow is very thin and I have a huge chicken pox scar on my left eyebrow, it is kinda hairless and if anyone were to look closely, they will be able to see the hole. Andy asked if I have an ideal eyebrow shape that I liked and I told him I will prefer a slightly arched eyebrow and a little thicker so that I can frame my face and make it slimmer. Andy then gave me his professional advice and agreed that I should have a thicker eyebrow. He is so nice and professional and drew on 2 different eyebrows for me to choose. I am glad we picked the same brow (2) that we both agreed will look good on me!

What is Brow Enliven? What is the difference between Brow Enliven and Eyebrow Embroidery / Eyebrow Tattoo?

Brow Enliven works only on the epidermis layer of the skin causing minimal intrusion thus it does not hurt nor harm your skin. Unlike eyebrow embroidery/tattoo which penetrate deep into your dermis layer causing harm, scaring and bleeding. Even when Brow Enliven faded with time, it does not turn blue-ish or reddish in colour unlike eyebrow embroidery/tattoo.

How is Brow Enliven procedure done?

Andy showed me the customized tools designed by him exclusively for HighBrow. Most semi-permanent techniques uses one blade to complete the whole process but Andy uses 3 different blades. He believes that different part of the eyebrow requires different blades in making the eyebrows stand out in the most natural outcome possible.

What are the Hygiene levels? 

New sterilized blades and gloves are used for each customer. 

How long is the procedure?

Leave on numbing cream for 15 minutes and Brow Enliven takes about 20 minutes or so. 

Is it Painful?

I have rather low pain tolerance but Andy wasn’t joking when he told me it is painless! On the scale of 1-10, I give it a -3!! It is really painless. You can probably feel some scrapping sound but that’s about it! 

Any skin redness or swelling?

There might be some redness but no swelling for me. But then again, it really depends on individual’s skin sensitivity.

Is there anything I should take note after the procedure is done?

For the next 5 days, it is best to apply the serum and conditioner from Nourish & Care Kit so as to keep the brows hydrated. You might experience some flaking but it’s normal. 

Can I go out immediately after the Brow Enliven procedure?

Many of my friends told me they have to wait one to two weeks for their eyebrow embroidery to fade naturally but with Brow Enliven, it looks really natural and I headed out right after.

How long can Brow Enliven last?

From 1 to 1.5 years or more depending on your skin condition and lifestyle. Those with oily skin or those who swim or do sports more often might cause colour to fade faster. Best to do touch-up after 1 to 2 years to help maintain shape and colour. HighBrow’s package is inclusive of one touch-up (read next question)! 

How much does the Brow Enliven cost?

HighBrow’s package includes 1 Brow Enliven treatment and 1 additional touch-up:

Professional Therapist – S$880 and Creative Director – S$1,280

 *there are other packages available, call 6694 2777 and the friendly staff of HighBrow will be delighted to help you. 

Benefits of having Brow Enliven? 

Time saving! Instead of struggling to apply brow makeup every day, you can now sleep a little longer for eye makeup no longer requires 30 minutes and probably takes only 10 minutes! 

Perfect for people like myself who can’t really do makeup yet wants to look good! It really frames up one’s face and I am loving how it compliments my eyes.

It will help balanced eyebrows that are too short or too long. 

Inadequate hair growth will no longer be a problem. 

You don’t have to worry about carrying your eyebrow pencil with you all the time for it doesn’t smudge and you don’t have to touch-up!


This is like a dream come true when Andy told me he is will be inking a semi-permanent eyeliner on both my upper and lower eyelids! Eyeliner Define is a semi-permanent treatment that can last up to 2-3 years! I have always loved having eyeliners for it instantly “opens” and brightens the eyes. Everytime I try to draw the eyeliner, I failed, not forgetting it always smudges leaving ugly black stains! =( My problem will be solved in no time!! HOORAY!

Consultation (understanding of Eyeliner Define, your ideal eyeliner, drawing the mock up eyeliner:

About 30 mins and again Andy took time in explaining to me the procedure and the different thickness of eyeliners for different eye shapes. After examining my eyes, he told me to try the normal thin eyeliner and if I liked it, I can always make it thicker afterwards. I decided to listen to Andy. He then went on to draw the eyeliner to show me how my eye would look like after it’s completed.

How is Eyeliner Define done? 

Andy showed me the “pen” that is used for Eyeliner Define and explained in details how this equipment works and that this will take a shorter period of time to complete than Brow Enliven. 

Fear Factor?

On the scale of 1-10, I would say 8! Upper eyelids, my eyeballs and eyes… pretty scary isn’t it? Andy was still telling me to sleep and try to relax and not move the eyelids too much. I was thinking how is it possible to relax especially when the inking sound is pretty loud. If you have a tattoo, you will know what I mean by the inking sound but this is much softer. 

Is it Painful?

On the scale of 1-10, I give it a -5! Brow Enliven you can still feel the scrapping but for this, you feel nothing! NO PAIN at all! The intimidating part is the inking sound but after 4 seconds of so, my eyelid was in the sleeping relaxed mode and Andy was praising me a lot. He is very assuring and kept checking to see if I feel any pain at all. 

How long is the procedure?

Leave on numbing cream for 15 minutes and Eyeliner Define takes about 10 minutes or so. 

What are the Hygiene levels? 

New sterilized blades and gloves are used for each customer.   

Any swelling or pain?

Depending on individual’s skin sensitivity, there might be some swelling. Mine had very little swell, not painful but you can kinda feel the slight swell bump each time you blink your eye. Like a mosquito bite kinda bump and its normal. The swell should go off in a day or two. 

Is there anything I should take note after the procedure is done?

For the next 5 days, try to avoid eye makeup and excessive rubbing. 

How long can Eyeliner Define?

For about 2-3 years and more! Amazing isn’t it? 

How much does the Eyeliner Define cost?

HighBrow’s package includes 1 Eyeliner Define treatment and 1 additional touch-up:

Professional Therapist –  Upper Eyeliner S$500, Lower Eyeliner S$400.

Creative Director – Upper Eyeliner S$700, Lower Eyeliner S$600.

 *there are other packages available, call 6694 2777 and the friendly staff of HighBrow will be delighted to help you. 

Benefits of having Eyeliner Define?

Waking up to eyeliner every morning and looking gorgeous! You will have bright shiny eyes everyday even if you go swimming or playing sports. 

You no longer have to search for long lasting waterproof eyeliner!! Even without makeup, you will still look very confident. 

Time saving for you no longer have to wait for your eyeliner to dry nor smudge. Put on some concealer, foundation and blusher… you are ready to go! Spice it up if you need with some eyeshadows and you are ready to party! 

Perfect for people like myself who cannot draw an eyeliner no matter how hard I try. I am loving the curl at the end of the eyeliner.

You don’t have to worry about carrying your eyeliner with you all the time for it doesn’t smudge and you don’t have to touch-up! 


I am super thankful to Street Directory and HighBrow for giving me that extra confidence! I now have super gorgeous eyes along with a pair of beautiful strong eyebrow to frame up my face. I strongly recommend to everyone for I love the results and I am sure you will too! HighBrow also specialises in many other services like eyelash extensions, waxing, eyebrow threading and more. Do remember to check out their site or simply give them a call at 6694 2777!



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