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Celebrity Scoop: Model Lorna Murphy Gives Her Honest Beauty Review for Highbrow

Credits to Beauty Insider Singapore

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Eyelashes can make your eyes look more beautiful and expressive. Here at HighBrow, they can customize eyelash extensions that can...

Eyelashes can make your eyes look more beautiful and expressive. Here at HighBrow, they can customize eyelash extensions that can suit your face so you feel more confident.

I joined Lorna Murphy (@lorna_murph) for her latest eyelash extension treatment at the Capitol Piazza branch of HighBrow. Sitting down with Lorna for a beauty chat, she tells me about her previous experience with the treatment.

Tell us a bit about yourself…

I’m Lorna Murphy, I’m from Cork Ireland and I’ve lived in Singapore for nearly a year and a half now.

What treatments have you tried at HighBrow?

I’ve been coming to HighBrow for almost a year. So far I’ve only tried out the eyelash extensions but I’ve heard about the eyebrow services and will probably try that too at some point.

What do you like about eyelash extensions?

At Highbrow they can customize the eyelashes so they suit your face. The look can be as natural or dramatic as you like. I love how eyelash extensions emphasize and beautify the eyes. I also think it helps you feel more confident and makes it more comfortable to make eye contact with others.


Have you been to both branches of HighBrow? How do you find the setting here at the new Capitol Piazza?

I was going to HighBrow at The Star Vista l up until I moved apartments two months ago. I used to stay at West Coast Walk. Now I live in the Duxton area and since then I’ve been coming to this branch at Capitol Piazza. It’s very central and easy for me to get to. Capitol Piazza is nice. It’s brand new and there are a lot of good food and shops.

How do you find the service at HighBrow?

The service is great. It’s always flawless and to be fair every time I’ve come to get a treatment done they’ve always been right on time. There’s never been a delay. They ask me each time I have an appointment if there’s a specific specialist I would like to have. There never is because I find the staff to be all very equal and talented in what they do. If you feel more comfortable with a particular staff then it’s also fine to ask specifically for them. You’ll be getting eyelash extensions done today.

Tell us about your previous experience with this treatment.

Usually, my work schedule is very busy, so I tend to book an appointment within the same week, which a lot of people don’t do. They fit me in as much as possible and if they get an appointment freed up they’ll call me to let me know straight away. I always get a reminder text the day before my appointment, which is also quite handy. Whenever I arrive slightly early they always offer me a drink. When the treatment begins you get brought into a room where you can lay down on a comfortable bed. You get a nice fluffy blanket! So you’re really very cozy and relaxed.

Is there any discomfort during the procedure?

The first time you’re getting your eyelash extensions done they put these silicone pads at the bottom of your eyelids just to protect your lower lashes and to make sure the glue doesn’t stick there. So at first, that silicone might feel a little strange and cold. Apart from that you can barely feel anything being done. They are very gentle with their hands. I fall asleep most of the time!


How easy is everyday maintenance of the extensions?

You have to be careful with your eyelash extensions in the first 24 hours. You can’t get them wet so if you’re showering you should try not to wet your face. I find it’s useful to use a facial wipe rather than a cleanser to wash your face on the first day. With a good quality facial wipe, you can easily remove makeup and cleanse all around your eyes, rather than splashing water on them. After the first 24 hours, day-to-day maintenance is very easy. I’m passionate about working out, so every morning I will be in the gym, not afraid to get a sweat on! There’ll be sweat in my eyes and it doesn’t make a difference. Sometimes they give you a mini brush for your eyelashes so you can comb through the lashes if you like. I still put on eyeshadow and eyeliner if I’m going out at night, but usually in the day, I don’t feel the need for it.

How long do they last?

Within the first two weeks, I get the extensions touched up and then I won’t get them done usually for another four weeks. I find it’s well worth coming back for the touch-up, that way they really will last. Natural lashes drop over time and grow again in a normal cycle. In this process, the eyelash extensions also drop. As long as you don’t pull at the extensions and as long as you come back to get them professionally removed, your natural eyelashes will be fine. I always take a look at my eyelashes every time I get the extensions removed, just to make sure everything is okay. If it was damaging to your natural eyelashes I don’t think you would be able to apply the next set because your lashes have to have a certain strength to hold the extensions anyway.

What style have you chosen today?

I always choose to have them quite natural looking but thicker and fuller on the outside corners of my eyes. I like to have a bit of a curl on the outer edges. They will show you the extensions once they’re done and check if you are happy with them. There has only been once or twice in the past year that I have asked them to add a bit more thickness.

What other treatments would you be interested to try at HighBrow?

I’ve had such a good experience with the eyelash extensions that I know I’ll continue to come back for more. But I’m also considering getting ‘Brow Enliven’ done.

Get the look:

To book an appointment at Highbrow, Call 6694 2777 (The Star Vista) or 6694 0777 (Capitol Piazza).

Visit to find out more or check out Highbrow on Facebook for the latest updates.



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