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Hellven's Preference

Credits to Hellven Chua

If eyes are the windows to your soul, then your brows are the curtains! And I am always very particular about brows, and have shared with many friends why it is important.

It doesn’t matter if you are a guy or girl, young or old, fair or dark. Defining your brows will transform your looks. Reflect on it- Eyebrows are one of the most expressible features on your face so when you define them, you’re defining your expressions. Defining the brow also helps make your eye appear lifted and gives the impression of you being younger.

Just to prove my point –On the left – See how much more expressive and young I look. On the Right- See how Old, Weird, and inexpressive I look if I do not have nice brows.

I was down at the new outlet (#B2-16 Capitol Piazza) of HIGHBROW for Brow Enliven, like the name of the service – my eyebrows came to life. I did the semi-permanent eyebrows embroidery. I am blessed with thick eyebrows, so I was skeptical about how much difference it makes but I was WRONG. With the help of HighBrow, they provide professional consultation and discussion to come up with a result to your satisfaction, High Brow can even make my already thick eyebrows look fuller, neater, and more perfect for me (PLUS it looks so natural). So can you imagine if you have sparser eyebrows than me, what magic it can happen to you!

On a side note, the store looks classic, clean, and atas which I am particular about since a store ambiance is a key point for me and many customers.  

With HighBrow Creative Director Andy


I was introduced to the Creative Director – Andy. He has over 2 decades of experience in brow work and he is the wits behind Brow Enliven! Andy was sharing with me about my current brows condition and where can be improved.  Andy shared with me what face shape am I, what type of brows will suit my face shape as a guy, and what type of brows I like.

Before Eyebrow Enliven

For me, my brows are thick but one side is slanted, and the front of my brows are much emptier than the back which can all be fixed by HighBrow. (See my troubled and sad expression without HighBrow's Eyebrow Enliven)

Applying Numbing Cream

Pre-Treatment (Mock Up)

Enter the treatment room, with a blanket and nice soothing music to relax you. 2 thumbs up! First, he will have to trim and cut my brows. (EXCESS EYEBROW HAIR). Next, Andy will start drawing a mock-up to give me an idea of what it will look like.

Once I am satisfied with the shape and all. Andy proceeds to apply numbing cream to numb the eyebrows area to reduce any pain during the treatment – so sweet of them. This will take about 20 min (So sit back and relax)

During the procedure

Treatment – Brow Enliven

Next, Andy will proceed to do the actual brows embroidery. The whole process was painless and quick (I don’t feel the blade at all). I guess that is the cause of Andy’s decades of experience and skilled technique. The dyes used are strictly organic dyes without any artificial chemical additions and the tools are on a one-time basis.

Viola, in about 10 minutes, the treatment is done! But don’t worry this ain’t the final outcome, Andy told me not to get shocked, cause they need the color to be absorbed for about 5 minutes before he cleans that off. HAHA

After Eyebrow Enliven

LOOK AT HOW NATURAL it looks. I was really worried that I would come out like Crayon Shin Chan (As a cartoon cute but if a real-life person has his brows – well not really).

SEE! HAHAHAHAHA! It looks like a joke if this is not done properly.

Before & After Eyebrow Enliven

As you can see they have many before and after of their clients, so you can see the drastic difference of what Brow Enliven can do. This is the brows of another person! Don’t say I am biased cause I already have thick brows. So I decided to grab another before and after to show you!

Due to my skin condition, this will last me about 6 months to a year till my touch-up. So the whole package can last me about 2 years! But if you do not have oily skin, the duration of your brows enliven can last even longer!

Touch-up is a necessary session for enhancement, and adjustment of the shape, color, and strokes of the eyebrow, it will also extend the life span of Brow Enliven to 1.5 years to 2 years depending on the individual’s skin condition.



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