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HighBrow, Eyebrow Embroidery Services

Credits to Andrea Tan

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I am so excited to share this post, it had been about 7-9 days after I visited Highbrow @ Star Vista for my eyebrow Embroidery Services, and finally, I see obvious eyebrows on my face.

What is Eyebrow Embroidery?

It is a semi-permanent brow treatment that produces more natural, finely detailed eyebrows than other brow treatments.

If you have been following me closely you will realize I am usually not a make-up person, people around me know that I suck at make-up or even art.

I am like a damn fail girl, who can’t draw eyeliner (because I can’t draw lines, i suck at it), I can’t draw brows because I don’t know how am I supposed to get it done, the only thing I know is only applying mascara and BB/CC cream. So thankful to have Eyelash Extension & Eyebrow Embroidery Services that save me from all this. <3

Before Eyebrow Enliven

Before eyebrow embroidery, where I do not have a fixed and neat shape for my eyebrows, light and fading colors.

Applying Numbing Cream

The whole procedure takes about 1.5 hours, and a professional specialist helps you to draft out the best shape eyebrow that suits your face shape.

After confirmation, they will set up numbing cream, and 20 mins numbing cream before getting the final eyebrow embroidery.

When it comes to eyebrow embroidery, most people will ask, is it painful?

It is not painful because the numbing effect makes you feel nothing, there are no feelings at all through the process. I am amazed, beginning I was so worried that it would be unbearable pain as my siblings/family have been saying it is super painful and unbearable which makes me so nervous because I can’t tolerate pain. 🙁

After 1.5 hours at Highbrow, I finally have my new brow shape/lining.

Eyebrow Enliven After-Care Kit

Day 1 After Eyebrow Enliven

Day 1 after Eyebrow Embroidery, you will feel a little twitch around your eyebrows but not painful. A little redness around that area but not too obvious.

As shared by the therapist, after embroidery it is better to avoid sweat and water to have a better effect. Highbrow also provides you with a care package where eyebrow essences and cream for your eyebrow healing process.

Day 2 after Eyebrow Enliven

Day 4 - 7 after Eyebrow Enliven

Now you see better coloring and a much more natural look.

Thank you Highbrow for creating new brows for me. I am loving them and getting used to them. <3



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