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Silky White Fabric

Brow Enliven

HighBrow's eyebrow embroidery technique stands out for its unique approach, prioritizing the utmost importance of technique in delivering exceptional service. What sets HighBrow apart is their focus on the epidermis layer, avoiding penetration into the dermis where collagen and fibers are located. This deliberate choice prevents changes in brow color over time, ensuring long-lasting and consistent results. HighBrow employs distinctive brow tools meticulously crafted by the experienced hands of Andy, boasting two decades of expertise in the industry. These tools feature a hard, metal cover housing 9 to 11 prong needles, showcasing the precision and innovation that define HighBrow's commitment to excellence in the art of eyebrow embroidery.

Choose Your Type

The type of eyebrow embroidery chosen plays a crucial role in achieving the desired look and ensuring satisfaction with the final results.

Choose Your Shade

The shade of pigmentation in eyebrow embroidery is crucial as it significantly influences the overall appearance and satisfaction with the results.

HighBrow Eyebrow Embroidery 1.png


Ombre Brows

Ombre Brows offers a distinctive and striking look that seamlessly blends colors for a gradient effect. This eyebrow embroidery method involves creating a transition from a lighter shade at the beginning of the eyebrow to a darker hue towards the tail, mimicking the natural gradation of eyebrow hair.

$488 by Brow Specialist

$988 by Creative Director Andy


Brow Enliven

Brow Enliven technique features fine, natural strokes that gently fade over time, offering a subtle and graceful transformation. As the embroidery naturally fades, our specialists will expertly redesign your brows, ensuring a perfect fit for your unique facial features.

$588 by Brow Specialist

$1,288 by Creative Director Andy

7D (2).png
29 Enliven 7D+ 2.png


Brow Enliven Plus

Brow Enliven Plus blends seven-dimensional strokes with a soft powdery gradient for natural, finely detailed brows. Achieve ultra-natural, precise, and finely detailed brows for a look that's effortlessly elegant and uniquely yours. 

$688 by Brow Specialist

$1,388 by Creative Director Andy

Prices shown are subjected to GST

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