Eyelash Extension Services

Lash by lash (Natural Single Lash)
3D Cirrus Lash
5D Cirrus Lash
7D Cirrus Lash
Cluster Lash
Cluster Lash touch up
Lash Curl
Lash Tinting

Eyelash extensions are semi-permanent eyelashes attached to each natural lash individually, to create beautiful looking lashes and have more focus on your eyes. In Highbrow, we are using professional lash glue and highly-trained lash specialists, with lashes of different length, thickness and curl type to meet the various needs of customer

The touch up session is to fix the loose strand, it is strictly within 2 weeks from the first full session. With the touch up, the lash extension can last up to 1 month

Cluster Lash

Cluster lash is a bunch of lashes attached near to the eyelid instead of eyelashes as to withhold the weight of the bundle lashes. It is ideal for ladies who has little lashes and prefer dramatic looks


Lash by Lash

Lash by lash is 1 extension attached to the original lash, the characteristics are soft, gentle and has eyelash lengthening effect. It is ideal for ladies who wear minial make-up and prefer natural looks


Sexy Lash

The sexy lash is voluminously curvy, making the eyes look bigger and shapely, it is ideal for ladies with single eyelids and smaller eyes who wear minimal or heavy make-up


Cirrus Lash

The Cirrus lash using volumeless and soft lashes, instead of strand by strand, cirrus lash will attach 3 to 6 lashes to single lash, volumize the lashes and creating mild dramatic effect. It is ideal for ladies who prefer thick lashes and eyeliner effect