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Ask the Expert: Highbrow Singapore on Everything You Need to Know About Eyebrow Embroidery

Credits to Vanilla Luxury

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We spoke to industry leaders Highbrow on process, trends, and even botched jobs. Here’s just about everything to know about Eyebrow Embroidery!

Scanty brows or reviving an old microblading job, if you are in the market for (or merely curious about) Eyebrow Embroidery, this is as informative as it gets. We spoke to industry leaders Highbrow on the hows and whys around Eyebrow Embroidery. Read on for the basic, and not so obvious information on getting those brows in order. 

Vanilla Luxury: For the uninitiated, what exactly is Eyebrow Embroidery? How is Microblading different from 3D, 7D Embroidery?

Highbrow: In the simplest of terms, Eyebrow Embroidery is a form of semi-permanent makeup that involves adding coloured pigment to the surface of your skin to give brows the appearance of natural thickness and volume. The trend picked up over a decade ago in Asian countries and slowly has become quite the rage, the world over.

Microblading is just one of the many names Eyebrow Embroidery goes by. You will hear many terms being used in the market including Semi-permanent Makeup, 3D and Pigment Embroidery.

Vanilla Luxury: Who is the ideal customer for an Eyebrow Embroidery job?

Highbrow: Most people assume that Eyebrow Embroidery is only for those with scanty or over-plucked brows, when in fact anyone can benefit from the process. For thinning, light eyebrows, embroidery is the perfect way to achieve that non-fussy, groomed look. However, If you have full, bushy brows you can still use Eyebrow Embroidery to get a flawless brow. This, of course, means looking your best at all times as well as saving on the extra time it takes to manage your brows with makeup every day!

Vanilla Luxury: We have read about quite a few botched-up embroidery jobs. How do we avoid this?

Highbrow: Yes, it is pretty common - you would be surprised by the number of customers we get to fix a not so ideal embroidery. In fact, we have been covered in the media for rescuing many brow-maidens in distress! Honestly, the choice of salon and technician will make or break your experience. Since this is a relatively long-term commitment, you need to be very careful about who you are choosing for the procedure. So, don’t be shy about asking plenty of questions and while cost does play a role in most decisions, we would recommend letting experience, cleanliness, and choice of dyes, and tools reign supreme in this case. 

Vanilla Luxury: How long does it last?

Highbrow:  A short answer would be - between one to two years, but a lot depends on your skin type and the type of embroidery and tools being used. For instance, Brow Enliven Embroidery (a signature process by Highbrow) is known for its long-lasting effect. Factors such as the design and colour that you choose can also affect the time the embroidery lasts. And of course, coming in for a touch-up 6 months into the procedure and the experience of the technician will play a major role too.

Vanilla Luxury: More importantly, does it hurt?

Highbrow: If done the right way, by a well-trained and experienced technician, your Eyebrow Embroidery should not hurt. We as industry leaders, use the best numbing cream in the market and pride ourselves in being able to offer a pain-free experience. Realistically speaking the pain will equal to tweezing your brows.

Vanilla Luxury: Okay we’re sold! But what about side effects?

Highbrow: Like any treatment, we always advise patients who are pregnant, or with any serious ailment to seek medical advice before the treatment. Make sure that you visit a clean, hygienic salon and always ask about their dyes and tools. For instance, at Highbrow we use Organic Dyes, no artificial chemicals and one-time tools only. If you do have a known allergy to dyes, we prompt our customers to contact us to discuss this further.

Post the procedure, the area around your brow may turn red and feel a little tender. But with the right aftercare, this will slowly disappear. The most important factor is choosing the right (and experienced) salon and technician to have the procedure done!

Vanilla Luxury: What are the latest trends in Eyebrow Embroidery? What would you recommend we go with?

Highbrow: We bring in the latest products, tools, and trends straight from Korea – the epicenter of eyebrow embroidery! A number of our clientele come from across the world (as far as even Peru!) for the skill set and trends that Highbrow offers. The latest trend is to use the Spin Brow tool. Spin brow tool can provide brows of a finer texture creating the strand by strand or misty brow look. There is a pearl-like base which differentiates it from using the usual microblading tools. The colour hence is far more even and well-balanced and it would last well over 8 months with no touch-ups needed in that time. You simply redo the process when you want to refresh your brows again!  

PhiBrows microblading dyes and tools are also available in Highbrow upon request. The Microblading pigments SUPE formula by Phibrows has been developed with the highest European standards when it comes to pigment purity and stability. It also comes sans alcohol and does not penetrate through the walls of surrounding cells ensuring no spreading under the skin. What it means for customers are thin and clear strokes and brows that don't eventually turn red, purple, or grey. No more brow horrors! 

For the latest on eyebrows, eyelashes, and facials or to simply get a consultation, visit Highbrow today!



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