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Best Salons for Eyebrow Embroidery For Men in Singapore

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Eyebrow embroidery for men made easy at these salons in Singapore

Eyebrow embroidery for men in Singapore is not a new concept. Plenty of men are opting for semi-permanent eyebrows to get better-shaped, thicker, and lusher brows. Although the process of microblading or eyebrow embroidery for men is similar to that for women, the design and expertise needed are slightly different. 

Eyebrow embroidery for men relies heavily on the shape, arch, and finish of the procedure so it doesn’t come off as feminine looking. With the right expertise, you can frame your face well and highlight the best of your features. Eyebrow embroidery is also relatively longer-lasting and of great value for those looking to enhance their brows and thereby personality. 

Ready for brows that you’ll love? Look no further! Here’s presenting the best salons for eyebrow embroidery for men in Singapore. 

Before & After 7D Brow Enliven

Eyebrow Embroidery for Men at Highbrow

Did you know that Singapore’s leading eyebrow embroidery salon Highbrow also does brows for men? In this face-seeing era, eyebrow tattooing is not only a privilege of women, but men have also begun to join the ranks in large numbers.  However, there are still plenty who do not realize the importance of shaping eyebrows! Eyebrows for men are as important as they are for women. Windows to your eyes, lush and well-defined brows can contour the face and highlight your best features. Sparse eyebrows border on feminine, and as for messy ones, these are best kept out of the boardroom. 

How do you achieve well-groomed eyebrow embroidery for men? Highbrow believes that the key to men’s eyebrow tattooing lies in a combination of smooth and three-dimensional lines interlaced with real hair, and without revealing traces. 

For a more natural-looking brow consider 7D Brow Enliven. This technique combines the best of strand-to-strand hair strokes and misty, powdery brows. Most customers find it to be on the same pain level as tweezing as a numbing cream is applied beforehand. They last long too! You can expect the 7D Brow Enliven eyebrow embroidery for men to last between 6-9 months after the first session. Remember to go back for a touch-up within 6 months to extend the life of your brows to almost 1.5 years based on your skin condition and type. 

As one of the best salons in Singapore for eyebrow embroidery for men, Highbrow holds itself to the highest standards so you can walk out with brows that you love. Make sure to stop by for a consultation today!

Highbrow, Orchard Gateway, The Star Vista, and Capitol Piazza. Call (+65) 8798 8988



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