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Highbrow: The Beauty Review you Need about Everything Brows!

Credits to Beauty Insider Singapore

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Cynthia Yew’s passion for the brow industry began more than 20 years ago. Now the Managing Director of eyebrow and eyelash specialists HighBrow, Cynthia could always tell the difference defining the eyes made to her features. Through years of experience as a customer, she finally decided to start her own business. Her founding partner, Andy Zhao, shared the same vision as her and a strong passion for the industry. As a master of Eyebrow embroidery, Andy’s expertise spans from eyebrows to eyeliner, lash and lip works, and various techniques including tattoo, embroidery, and shaping.

At HighBrow’s Capitol Piazza branch, Cynthia sat to talk to us about the concept behind the brand and what it takes to create beautiful brows and eyelashes.

Tell us more about Highbrow…

It all started back in 2012. We opened the first outlet of HighBrow in Star Vista at Buona Vista. It’s been almost three years now and we decided to set up our second branch. Today we are at Capitol Piazza, a beautiful building that is also conveniently located in the central area. The focus for HighBrow has always been on eyebrows and eyelashes. We have our in-house eyebrow embroidery as it is called elsewhere, but here it is quite different and we call it ‘Brow Enliven’. The technique was created ourselves. In ‘Brow Enliven’ we only touch the epidermis, which is the outer layer of the skin. We never go down to the dermis, the deeper layer of the tissue. It is not at all like the traditional brow tattoo. We design the shape of the brow to suit the individual. Every eye shape is different. We take into consideration many other features too, including the eyelids, the height of the forehead, the cheekbones, and the width between the eyes. This determines the final design which suits the individual and we are strong in that. We try to be as intuitive as possible to find what will fit that particular person. For eyelashes, we always use excellent quality and lightweight eyelash extensions. We have different designs to choose from but again it is all customized to suit the face of the customer. We also provide a range of waxing and facial services at both of our branches.

What is your most popular treatment?

I would say both the ‘Brow Enliven’ treatment and the eyelash extensions. Can you tell us more about HighBrow’s new Capital Piazza branch? HighBrow opened at Capitol Piazza in June this year. This whole complex is a place with history so the setting is unique. Beautiful marble, beige colors, and wood decorate the interior and I think it is quite grand. There are also a lot of interesting retailers here, including denim brand G-Star Raw, FREYWILLE jewelry, and eateries like 1933, Angelina Tearoom and Llao Llao. The building is very well connected to City Hall MRT and Raffles City via a short underpass. The Star Vista is great too and there are also unique shops there like JMart and Itacho Sushi so you can do your treatment, browse shops, and have a delicious meal all in the same place.

Can you tell us more about ‘Brow Enliven’, one of your signature treatments? Is there any discomfort?

It’s completely painless. The finished brow lasts for one to one and a half years depending on the individual’s skin. The price for ‘Brow Enliven’ includes one full brow session and one touch-up, but you can also buy different packages if you like. It depends on how you prefer your brows. Also, the more you buy, the cheaper the price for each treatment.

What can we expect from the eyelash extensions?

We have a lot of expertise in eyelash extensions. Our therapists are skilled and extremely precise in creating a look that is beautiful for each customer. Our customers can also expect excellent quality materials, which we carefully select and bring over from Japan and Korea. We never sacrifice quality. We are very particular about that.

How are HighBrow’s staff trained?

For both eyelashes and brows, we engage a specialist trainer to teach our team. We also have our Creative Director who can train our staff, so we always have a trainer in-house. We make sure that our therapists can make the mark before we let them serve customers so we can ensure we are providing a top-notch service. We want our therapists to be well-educated in their skills and effective in delivering beautiful brows and eyelash extensions. I hope that throughout the treatments customers will always feel like we are listening to them and that we are giving them the best service. I don’t like hard selling. I think the quality of the products, our trained specialists and a nice environment speaks for itself.

With so many brow and eyelash salons in Singapore, what sets HighBrow apart from the rest?

I believe what makes us unique is the design of the eyebrows and also the consultation we have for our treatments. The brows or the eyelashes should suit the face of that individual person. Different customers have different wishes too when it comes to the finished look so we need to be very in tune with this.

How can customers book their appointments at HighBrow?

They can call us at 6694 2777 / 9177 1677 (The Star Vista) or 6694 0777 / 8876 5677 (Capitol Piazza). For evening appointments we often get booked up quite fast so it’s best to call a few days in advance.

Testimonials from High Brow customers

“Thanks for the wonderful experience. My specialist was very meticulous and a master in their own right. Highly recommended!”

“This is my second round and I’m so happy with the result. A really natural finish and they frame my face much better now. Thank you!”

“My eyebrows are finally filled! My brow specialist did a great job and it was not even painful as I thought it would be. I love my brows now!”



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