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My Brow Enliven Experience at HighBrow

Credits to Vickii Ma Read the original article here

Posted on October 26, 2017

When I was younger, I didn’t realise that having nicely-shaped and manicured brows would make a difference to your look. So during my university days, my brows were always unruly and unkempt. Looking back at those photos, it was quite a disaster!

After I realised its importance, I would usually go to get my brows done on a monthly (sometimes bi-monthly) at a brow specialist and draw my brows with the Shu Uemera Hard Formula.

Ever since I discovered eyebrow embroidery, my life changed. I first tried it at another beauty salon two years ago, but it was a rather bad experience. The process was painful and they did not dispense proper aftercare. The downtime was also quite lengthy too, about 1.5 weeks. I thought that was normal until I spoke to others about my experience.

This time, I took a leap of faith and trusted the specialists at Highbrow with my brows. I’m glad I did as the experience at Highbrow was heaps better.

Over at Highbrow, they call it Brow Enliven, as opposed to the usual terms ‘Brow Embroidery’ or ‘Micro-blading’. In the past, Eyebrow Tattoos were used to create semi-permanent brows, but they were associated with blue-black lines etched above eyes that faded to an unflattering shade of green. Looking back at the first wave of eyebrow tattoos, I’m glad we have come a long way.

The session first started off with a 1:1 consultation with the Creative Director, Andy. He advised me on a shape that would better suit my brows. According to him, my current ones are too fierce-looking. He also used my make-up look and hair colour to decide on the shape of my brows. Before he proceeded with the actual colouring, he did a sketch to make sure I was happy with it first.


After filling in the shape as a ‘draft’.

Another shot of it right after! It will darken after a day.

The Process

Drawing on the shape.

Letting the brows rest after filling it in.

Wiping it off after 30 minutes.

And it’s done!

Right after, doesn’t it look natural?

1 Day later. It looks much darker now, but will gradually fade.

10 Benefits of getting it done at HighBrow

  1. Therapists are highly skilled and cater to the individual’s look, down to the shape of the brow as well as the colour used.

  2. Highbrow is known for their brow design and consistent results. The arrangement of the brow strokes is designed to look more natural to complement your entire look (hair and make-up).

  3. Clean and hygienic.

  4. High quality vegetable dye.

  5. Virtually painless process, so comfortable that I fell asleep.

  6. Process took 1.5 hours, including a consultation with the Creative Director.

  7. No down-time. I was able to attend events right after.

  8. Proper after-care serum and essence is provided.

  9. Price includes 1 x touch up, to be done 1 – 3 months after the session.

  10. Brows will last for at least 1 year, and up to 2 years if well-maintained.

Importance of Aftercare and Healing

That is not to say the entire process is effortless though. As they say, ‘No pain, no gain’.

It is important to take care of your brows after the procedure as the area is still quite sensitive. Proper aftercare is necessary, and I’m glad Highbrow has me covered. I was advised to use their brow gel and nourishing essence for 7 days after the procedure. Proper care helps with the healing and prevents scarring. After all, you want it to last long! Other tips include not attending heavy workout sessions that will cause a lot of perspiration.

I feel that brows are necessary to complete a look. Even on casual make up-free days, I will usually have my brows drawn at the very least. Our brows frame our face shape and can even give an illusion of a smaller face, or how alert we look. I like mine to look natural, with a subtle arch. I’m sure you have your own preferences too! After getting my brows done at HighBrow. I’m glad I can sleep in longer every morning and wake up to perfect brows every day! IMO, this makes it a great investment.

Where to find HighBrow

HighBrow Singapore (various outlets):

Capitol Piazza, 13 Stamford Road, #B2-16 Singapore 178905; Tel: 6694 0777; Mobile: 8876 5677.

The Star Vista, 1 Vista Exchange Green, #B1-25 Singapore 138617; Tel: 6694 2777; Mobile: 9177 1677.

[Closed] Parkway Parade, 80 Marine Parade Road; #01-69; Singapore 449269; Tel: 6247 7789; Mobile: 8339 6896.



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