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Woman's eyebrows 'disfigured' by botched procedure gets them fixed - thanks to kind salon owners

Credits to Stomp Singapore

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After a visit to a home-based salon for brow embroidery left Stomper Valerie with scars on her eyebrows, she decided to share her story on Stomp to warn others. 

Her story reached many, including Andy, creative director of Highbrow, a chain of beauty boutiques, specializing in brow and lash works. 

According to Andy, a customer told him about Valerie.

Feeling sorry for her, Andy brought up Valerie's case with Cynthia, the managing director of Highbrow. 

The two decided to restore Valerie's eyebrows.

Cynthia immediately reached out to Stomp and we placed them in contact with Valerie.

Said Valerie:

"When Andy first told me that he could restore my brows, I did not believe it.

"I had to exfoliate every day and massage my face with baby oil to stop the botched embroidery ink from seeping into my skin."

However, Andy, an eyebrow artist with 18 years of experience proved her wrong. 

Within two sessions, Andy's deft hands and superior skills not only repaired the damages done to Valerie's brows but also sculpted them to her desired shape. 

According to Andy, it was fortunate that Valerie had taken measures to stop the dye from setting into her skin, otherwise, there could be lasting effects.

He added:

"I believe the incident was brought about by the previous artist's inexperience.

"After she made a mistake, she kept adding on more strokes to make it look more natural, but in the end, it caused the brows to become unbalanced instead".



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